Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Summer Has ARRIVED

It's hot. HOT! It seems like summer has most definitely arrived in upper Northwest Washington. We have had high 80's for the past few days so it's been a week full of sprinklers, playing in the pool, and fans. For those friends of ours that are not familiar, NW Washington rarely gets above 80 so its not really worth it to invest in expensive air conditioning units that will just collect dust. So we have lots of fans blowing around the house for those days that would have otherwise required air conditioning.

Mommy promises to take pictures of our pool-time adventures. Jonah and I have been pretty waterlogged over the last few days and loving it. Happy sunshine everyone.


Anonymous said...

enjoy the sun..I'm ready for lower temperatures. I'm not a heat person!

Carolyn said...

Send some of the heat our way. We've been having rain. Can't wait to see the pool pics. That was the first time I saw Dylan, was in the pool and you were very young and fell in love with you. I bet you and Jonah have a ball.
Carolyn in WV