Monday, July 06, 2009

New Fashion Statement?

My new glasses sure do make a fashion statement. We are trying a new kind of glasses called Miraflex. They are made entirely out of plastic and have no hinges. They are held on by a strap that goes around my head. Mommy and Daddy think that they are pretty ugly but are very intrigued to see if we've findly found a a pair of glasses that I can't destroy. I've gone through over 20 pairs. You read that right....20 pairs. That is very expensive. So my new glasses might be an eyesore (pun intended) but hopefully they will be Dylan Resistant. Mommy and Daddy are really spending a lot of money on all these glasses so hopefully this will do the trick.

Thanks Links Optical for offering this solution to us. You have been truly awesome and wonderful. We'll always recommend you!


Tommy's mommy said...

Totally handsome in anything! Dylan you are SO CUTE!!

Carolyn said...

You are a "cutie sweetie".