Monday, July 06, 2009

WOW! Happy 4th!

Phew! What a GREAT 4th of July we had! We're talking an action packed few days of great weather, lots of food, and great time with friends and family. It was fun, fun, fun!

We started our 4th with a Luau at Uncle Reed/Auntie Jodel's House. This is a yearly tradition and is always fun. But this year, they out did themselves. We always have a big bonfire. Last year it was a big 'burning man' sculpture that was 26 ft tall. This year, it was a pirate ship. It was huge! The pirate ship was very big and full of lots of gasoline and fireworks which resulted in one seriously large bonfire. It was such a big success that the resulting bonfire (pictures to come soon...promise) had the Fire Department show up. It was called in by a passerby as a sailboat on fire. HA! Mommy has already put her vote in that the next bonfire sculpture should be a firetruck! Any seconds on that one?

Yep. The bigger kids had a blast with all their fireworks that the Sheriffs Department showed up as well! Uncle Reed really did out-do himself this year. Two uniforms showing up in one day.

Our friend Max came for a little bit and we were SO EXCITED to see him (and his fabulous Mommy)! Mommy gave him their very first 4-wheeler ride which was cool. Max enjoyed it and hopefully he comes over again soon. We'll give him another taste of the fun. He and Jonah played with our Mommies for a while on cousin Tessa's swing set and big trampoline. Max was DEFINITELY a fan of the trampoline. He also took some independent steps on the grass all by himself. We were so happy for him and thanks Mr. Max for sharing that moment with us.

Speaking of 4-wheelers, there was one that was just our size. Here is a picture of Jonah and I on it:
There was a slip-n-slide that was Jonah's favorite. He liked to go down on his belly:
I always came back to this 4-wheeler. Got pretty good at it too....
It sure was a fun Luau. We even got Lais.
So we promise more pictures soon. Mommy took 94 pictures and is still sorting over them. Check in soon for pt. 2 of our Fourth of July!

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Carolyn said...

WOW, you guys had a blast. Dylan, I'm wanting for you to take me a ride on the 4-wheeler. You seem to know what it's all about.
Carolyn in WV