Monday, August 17, 2009

Baby JJ

We have a new addition to our family this week. It's only for this week (Mommy sincerely wishes it was longer) but we are very excited to have Baby JJ with us. He's seven months old and is the cutest little boy. He has these HUGE cheeks complete with dimples and it just a wonderful baby. He is our first foster child (and the reason why we started the foster care/adoption process to begin with -we know him through church). His foster mother is away on vacation so we get to enjoy him for the whole week. We are loving our time with him. Loving it alot. Mommy is going to have a very hard time returning this cutie-pie. She's in love.

Baby JJ has adjusted very well to our much louder household. I took to him very quickly (I'm a big helper for Mommy) and Jonah has had a little jealousy issues but that seems to be resolving. Mommy wasn't sure how well she'd be able to handle three boys (under 4) all on her own but she has been very good and LOVING IT! She discovered that she has to be very, very organized and prepared to make things run well. For example, Baby JJ's night bottle is ready before she goes to sleep, our clothes are laid out for the next day, and the rooms are all tidied so that we have a clean start to our morning. She even has our breakfast waffle mix made and in the refridgerator so we can have waffles in the morning! Phew! O-R-G-A-N-I-Z-E-D

We'll let you know how things go through the week. Unfortunately, because Baby JJ is a foster-child, we will not post his pictures. But we promise you...he is ADORABLE! Yep. Mommy's gonna have a tough time giving him back.


Carolyn said...

Kristy, You are a wonderful mom and to take on another little one and little ones in the future, that is very giving of yourself.
Hugs to you,
Carolyn in WV

amy and mighty max said...

you are one wonderful momma kristy! thanks for all that you do!

Tommy's mommy said...

What a great thing Kristy! I'm sure JJ's Foster mom is thankful for respite too.

You are soooo organized! An inspiration to me :)

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

mama to jayna and ryen said...

You are simply amazing...amazing.