Monday, September 14, 2009

First Day of School

Today was my first day of school and thanks to Mighty Max's awesome Mommy, we can share a picture with you (Thanks Amy!). Mommy had been talking for a few days about how I was going to go to school but truthfully, I just didn't quite get the concept. But when the bus pulled up to our driveway this morning I got very excited! Mommy could see it on my face...'oh! That is what she meant!' The smile on my face in this picture tells you just how happy I was to see all my friends again! Thanks again Amy for the pictures. We appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

Awwww.Dylan..You look so handsome at school...Glad you had a great first day buddy!

Erin said...

Welcome back to school Dylan! And I'm glad to see those glasses are holding up so well, I bet that's making your Mommy pretty happy :)

Carolyn said...

Dylan, I love your happy face. You look so grown up. Glad you liked your first day of school.
Carolyn in WV

Tommy's mommy said...

Dylan you are one handsome boy enjoying school! Yippee.