Monday, September 28, 2009

Oyster Run 2009

Yesterday, Mommy and Daddy went on a hot date. They went on the Oyster Run 2009 which is an all day event. It's where thousands (literally...THOUSANDS) of motorcyclists converge on the little town of Anacortes, Washington to display their motorcycles, go for rides with large groups, and eat oysters. It is huge and it was the first time Mommy and Daddy joined in. They went with friends and co-workers so in all, their group consisted of about 13 motorcyclists.

It was fun and Daddy was super happy that Mommy went with him. There were so many motorcycles filling the streets, sidewalks, and side streets of Anacortes. It was great that the weather was perfect...not too hot, yet not too cold. They saw some custom bikes that ranged from down right scary to very (ultra) cool. The bikers were pretty cool too. We're talking a range of serious biker dudes and dudettes to people like Mom and Dad (you're average Joe's). Mommy was interested in the wide range of tattoo art that was available to see also. Wow. Talk about some serious body art! Thanks J for watching us boys so Mommy and Daddy could ride.

Here is the website to the Oyster Run. Again, no pictures but there are plenty on this website. Enjoy.

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Carolyn said...

Kristy, Glad you and Ray had a date and got to go on the motorcycle. The sound of the motorcycles and all the people make for a good time.
Carolyn in WV