Friday, October 09, 2009

Daddy's Big Day

Today is Daddy's big day. He reports for his first day of duty with the Navy. His orders are to serve full-time for 400 days. We actually went with him this morning (EARLY - 5AM!) to get paperwork done but in true military fashion, the girl who was supposed to take care of the rest of our paperwork was out sick so we have to go back...again. So, we kissed Daddy a good first day and then off he went to work. We drove home.

Daddy is home for the weekend with family friends over to visit. Then on Monday, we take Daddy to the airport where he will go down to Pt. Magoo in California. He'll be there a week.

We are very proud of Daddy. He looked very good this morning in his Navy uniform and while on base, all the Navy personnel were very polite and calling Daddy, "Chief". Thank you Daddy for all that you do. We love you.


Tommy's mommy said...

Way to go Ray! So very wonderful. Lots of love to the Gillig's. Thanks Kristy for the card, but it is YOU that I need be thankful for. Need to catch up with you when things calm down a bit. Take care! Sandi

Ang said...

Salute to Daddy,
Salute to Mommy..
My thoughts are with you friends. I miss you..You are an amazing family that just continues to set the bar for the rest of us. Thank you for being such a great example.

Carolyn said...

Ray, THANK YOU for your service to our country. And a big HUG to the G family.
Carolyn in WV