Friday, October 02, 2009

Phew! What a Week! and Weekend Plans

Mommy would love to say that she had a good week but that is just not true. We certainly had our good moments but overall this week was challenging.

First, Mommy's stitches got infected. It cleaned up nicely with lots of neosporin and was no big deal except that it was gross. Yuck. Then after Mommy painted a bathroom, she tried to take a shower. She started the water to take the shower and as she was getting undressed, the hot water handle literally exploded from the tap spraying water straight out. Water went everywhere and it took Mommy a good 20-30 minutes to figure out how to get the water turned off so she could stop the flooding. Actually, she called Daddy who had her run out to the pump house where she turned the water off to our house (and our neighbors - oops). Daddy had to tear a hole in my bedroom wall to get to the pipes and replace the whole faucet! Thank you Grandpa, Uncle Don, Auntie Jen, and Mr. Sam for helping Daddy. We love you all.

To make matters worse, Mommy and Jonah got my cold. Mommy is handling it well but Jonah is three and stuck in the middle of Temper Tantrum City. Add a little snot to his trip and phew...he's had more time outs for his safety from Mommy than for his behavior. He's apparently found a few of her 'buttons'. I'm still looking but haven't found any yet.

But like I said, our week hasn't been a complete wash. I have been making HUGE strides in my talking. I am now starting to say hello to my friends and calling them by name. Yesterday in class, I said "Hi Carter" who is one of my school buddies. I am also starting to play-talk or do the baby babble thing. My favorite is to pretend I'm talking on the phone. Mostly I laugh but as you'll see on the video we've posted below, I'm also pretending to talk. Each day it seems like I'm making big progress.

We also had our first home visit for Foster Care. We have to change a few things and do a small amount of paperwork still but then it looks like we're all clear to start Foster Care. Mommy says we are getting licensed from ages birth to 5. We have to get another twin bed to put into Jonah's room and the crib that we have set up will also work perfectly for the younger kiddos. Yahoo! Progress.

Daddy is away this weekend for Navy. He took off this morning so we are alone for the weekend. Mommy's got concerts this weekend and we have a little friend coming to stay with us for the night which will be super fun. Hopefully tomorrow we will be able to make it to the Buddy Walk. Pray for sunny skies from 11 to 2pm on Saturday! We know Sandi, Allyson, and more of our friends have put in a lot of effort to make this years Buddy Walk special. Thank you for all that you do.

Here's my video. Me talking on the phone. Enjoy and have a good weekend.


Carolyn said...

Love the video Dylan. Maybe I'll call you one of these days. And Kristy, you surely have had a week, but sounds like it is getting better. Hope the Buddy Walk was a success with no rain.
Carolyn in WV

Tommy's mommy said...

Kristy, Dylan and Jonah -- We LOVED seeing you at the walk. You are such an inspiration to our family. Hope your foot gets all healed up Kristy, with all you do... you need two feet :) Sandi