Sunday, December 13, 2009

And the Navy says...

Daddy was ordered to go to a doctors appointment on Friday. While he was there, he was going to put in whole day of work and then return to his job as a Corrections Deputy on Saturday. This was the plan as we have been waiting for a paper work mix-up that has delayed Daddy's year-long deployment that was supposed to start last month.

Daddy showed up to the base on Friday as ordered for the medical appointment and what does he learn...that his orders came through, paperwork is cleared, and he is flying out ASAP. So much for the warning, huh? So Daddy is flying out to California tomorrow and this marks the official start to his 400 day deployment. He will return on Friday and then goes to work for the Navy full-time on Monday. He will be stationed at his regular base which is a bit of a commute but we can deal with that.

So there you go....Daddy, have a good (if not slightly hurried) trip. We love you. Thank you Corrections Department about being SO SO SO completely understanding about the very limited notice.

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