Thursday, February 18, 2010

IT'S AN UPDATE! Can you believe it?

The computer broke. Actually, its working fine but it just won't take that stupid sim card that is required to download pictures. So, tax return time means maybe a new computer (hint, hint, Daddy). The computer and the lack of time gives all the reasons for no posts recently. Now you also know why Mommy can't post those really awesome pictures she took recently. Ugh.

It's been a while so we thought we'd do a brief update. Here we go:

First, WE ARE ALIVE! Yep. Everyone is well and we still have an additional two kiddos to our humble family. Having 4 kids in the house is many things but what is surprising Mommy the most is the noise. It's loud. Really loud. Give us a call sometime and see if you can carry a conversation. It is seriously that loud. In fact, Mommy went away a couple of weekends ago with one of her bestest friends ever and how did she spend the evening in Seattle? LOCKED UP IN HER HOTEL ROOM! Why? It was quiet. She could take a shower uninterrupted. And she could read for as long as she wanted. They even went to the home and garden show with NO screaming kids. Just what Mommy needed. Thanks Auntie Jen.

But seriously, we really are well. We've had a couple of minor colds but we have been relatively healthy. The biggest challenge has been adjusting to the larger family size. The kids (J - a boy and M - a girl) are super sweet but have definitely provided for some entertaining moments and some heartbreaking moments. J is a fantastic 8 year-old who is just all around a good boy. Mommy's biggest complaint is that he whines when he doesn't get something but what 8 year-old doesn't? He and Mommy play soccer outside together and J is normally the one to start a Wii bowling competition or a Wii swordfight.

M has been more challenging. She is 4 and understandably, she doesn't 'get' what is going on sometimes. Recently, it hit her that her stay with us and away from her Mommy is going to be a long-term situation. This upset her but since no one has properly taught her to cope, she has lashed out in some very traumatic ways. Since she is a caring little girl, all her rebellion has been somehow self-inflicted which is heartwrenching to see. We are starting to see some resolve to her pain but the last few weeks have been difficult. Despite this difficulty, we love having her in our home and she plays really well with Jonah and I. Daddy isn't too big a fan that she has managed to convince Jonah he's a pretty Princess (complete with wearing tutus and wanting his fingernails painted) but Mommy loves the dress-up playtime they share and giggle over.

Jonah is getting big. Hard to believe he is only three when you look at him - that kind of BIG. Mommy is thinking she's gonna have to get a good sports manager for this kid if he keeps this up and joins football. He is also SUPER smart. Can you believe that Jonah can read?!? No, really! HE CAN READ!! Amazing little man and is Mommy's definite cuddle-bug.

I'm getting big too. With my upcoming 5th birthday, we get to go to school for my IEP which places me in kindergarten. Mommy's going to be pretty frank. She was really, reallly, reallllly not looking forward to this IEP. It's because she is now having to accept that I will not be placed in a 'regular' kindergarten class but one that is a supported-kindergarten program (aka Life ugly term). Mommy really wanted me to be in an integrated classroom but I'm just not ready and after some pretty deep soul-searching, Mommy and Daddy have decided that the supported program is best for me. There are many reasons: 1 the school will not provide me a one-on-one aide which would help with some of my behavior issues I have when I get frustrated; 2 the class sizes in the 'regular' classes are 20-30 kids per classroom with only 1-2 adults; and 3 Mommy really wanted to have me in the 'regular' class for her needs or wants...not mine. That is really what it comes down to. Accepting reality and letting go of certain dreams is a difficult task. Phew.

But despite Mommy's challenges, I really am doing pretty darn fantastic. The biggest accomplishment is my voice. I found it. I can't form things well but it's there and I'm starting to use it. I am learning to talk and I can say all my classmates names. I can also repeat the entire alphabet (if you say it first letter by letter). I also like to 'sing' to some of my favorite VeggieTale songs! Mommy loves that! Another thing...I'm fast. SUPER FAST. Yep. I love to run now and good thing Mommy plays soccer cause she needs it to stay up with me!

Daddy is doing well. He is working some very long hours with the Navy but we are so proud of his accomplishments. His squadron really seem to appreciate all the effort he is putting in and although it gives him even more work, they have given him more responsibility which says just how impressed they are with him. He seems to like what he is doing and like we stated earlier, we love Daddy and are so proud of him. Go Daddy GO!

So there you have it. An update. We'll try to keep things more updated but now you know we've been pretty overwhelmed the last few weeks. We apologize for the delay. Pictures? Some time soon. We Hope.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe my little buddy will be 5...and Jonah 3? I miss you guys. Glad you were able to get some time for yourself Kristy

AZ Chapman said...

have u thought of doing another year of pre school before sending him into K

Carolyn said...

Whew!!! you have been super busy. Glad everyone is ok. Kristy, don't forget to stop and breathe.
Carolyn in WV

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