Monday, April 19, 2010


We have a new family addition. A camper! We upgraded our old camper on Friday so this weekend, we took advantage of our new addition and went camping with some friends from church. Let's just say, we had a BLAST! Bonfires, a little rain, and best of all: LOTS OF FUN IN THE MUD! Mommy has a lot of laundry to do even though we were only gone a couple of days. Sheesh! We were messy.

All six of us went and we had a good time. J (Foster Brother) got to play with walkie talkies with a girl his age while M (Foster Sister) got to ride in a tractor pull. Jonah made a very special friend whom he was unseparable with and I had so many new girl friends it was ridiculous. Mommy and Daddy enjoyed hanging out with their friends A and M (and their wonderful family). We just think these friends are so special and great people. It was fun to watch Mommy and Daddy hang by the huge campfire and relax with these wonderful families. They are foster parents also and there was another family there that had lots of foster kids! SIX in fact. That family is AMAZING! Phew. Mommy thought she was busy with four kids but now she is inspired by these fantastic Mommies. Talk about organized, loving, and devoted! Did I mention organized? Makes Mommy look like chump-change.

So there you go. Great time camping and loving the outdoor life. Can't wait to go again very, very soon!

Grandma and Grandpa: the camper is great! We absolutely love, love, love it. We can't wait for you to come give it a whirl. It has an electric up and down mechanism, it's comfy beds, and although there is some wear n' tear because it is used, it is in EXCEPTIONAL condition. You'll be amazed at the room. Mommy is already planning another trip here very soon. Maybe in a couple of weeks?


Ang said...

have fun Dylan and family..I miss camping days.

Carolyn said...

Go glad to hear from you. I was getting worried. Glad you all had a good time. I like camping too.
Carolyn in WV

amy and mighty max said...

So glad you had such a wonderful time! :)

Eva and her 'rents said...

Fun! It's like a playhouse for grownups! My in-laws just bought a Coleman similar to that. It's huge and quite posh. Enjoy!