Monday, May 31, 2010

Note to Daddy

Hi Daddy.

We are just leaving you this little note wishing you a happy Memorial day. We already miss you and hope your travels are going well. Here are some things that we wanted to share with you while you are gone:

Jonah is wearing his big-boy underwear and didn't have a single accident all weekend! Pretty good considering we weren't even at home.

Jonah and I really liked the ocean even though it rained the whole time we were there. We got really close to the water and just had to show everyone how puddles are really to be played with. We had so much sand and water in our pants! Jonah's rain boots were so full that when he stepped down, water went shooting up out of them! Really! Mommy laughed really hard on that one. I won the 'most sand in my pants' contest.

Mommy told everyone your "pick-n-flick" idea for Jonah and his nose picking. Hands-down they all agree with Mommy. Not a good idea. You'll have to come up with another idea to stop him from eating those boogers.

There you go. We love you. Let us know when you arrive safely and we are very proud of you.

Hugs and Kisses!

Dylan, Jonah, Mommy, Elsa, and Kirby

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Carolyn said...

Safe travels Ray. Hope everything is going ok. Love all the notes from the boys.
Carolyn in WV