Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Adventure of Missing Daddy

Daddy's deployment has prolonged for a while. We miss him a lot and it has been an especially difficult time with him away. Normally, we do really well despite Daddy's absence. But this time has been difficult...very, very difficult.

We'll start with the weather. First, we got very cold and strong un-seasonal weather. We're talking strong winds and single digit temperatures. Two days ago, we had 2 degrees weather with 40-60 mile an hour winds. It blew parts of the roofing off and the pipes froze. Three trees are down too. It was so bad, Mommy had to call for help. Fortunately, Uncle Reed and Uncle David came to the rescue. While Uncle David patched the roof, Uncle Reed put a big heater under the house which unfroze the pipes. Fortunately, no pipes broke and Mommy was near tears in being grateful for their help.

In addition, it snowed really hard the other night and when Mommy let the dogs in from a trip outside to go potty, she quickly discovered that they had been sprayed by a skunk. Unfortunately, she discovered too late to catch them from coming into the house and rubbing their faces into the carpet which made the house smell like skunk. Three baths and a trip to the doggy salon later, the dogs smelled better but the house was another matter. Mommy has had a heck of a time trying to get the smell out but it seems that every time she comes home from work, there is still a hint of skunk in the air when she opens the door. Yuck.

Also, with Daddy's absence, there has been the issue of the dogs/cats and their presents that they leave. They like to catch birds or mice for Mommy which she doesn't really appreciate all that much. Well, the other day, it was a big..BIG...rat. Eew. But the worst was when they caught a squirrel but they didn't kill it. But they did hurt it bad enough that Mommy had to put it out of its misery. It was terrible and Mommy couldn't find the bullets to the gun so she did the deed with a shovel. Ugh.

But despite all this adventure, we have discovered two really good things about Daddy being away. First, I LOVE to talk to Daddy on the phone and I am getting really good at using my voice and words while talking with him. It is really motivating to me to talk when its Daddy on the line. Second, its Mommy and Daddy's bed. We love cuddling with Mommy while Daddy is away but most importantly, Mommy get the bed all to herself. She loves sleeping in the middle and while she misses cuddling with Daddy, she is enjoying stretching out at night and getting all the covers/pillows without having to share.

Daddy will be home soon. But until then, we miss him lots. LOTS. We cant' wait until your back, Dad. Especially Mommy...she says you can come home anytime now. Really. Okay. We'll wait but I think when you get back, after you recover from Jet Lag, Mommy is going to need some Mommy-time. Serious Mommy-time.

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Carolyn said...

Kristy, you sure have had your hands full. We used tomato juice on our dog one time when he got sprayed. Make sure you have some "Mommy and Daddy" time when Ray gets home. Hug the boys for me.
Carolyn in WV