Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Morning

The pictures say it all but we wanted to share how much fun and joy we've had this Christmas morning. It started last night when we placed our stocking, cookies & milk, and climbed into bed. Mommy and Daddy rearranged some couches to make room for presents and then off to bed we all went. St. Nick came by and left us a treeful! We loved it! Here is a picture story of how it all went down.
Merry Christmas Everyone!
Here's Daddy and Kirby after they rearranged the furniture. We had our stocking laid out and it was bedtime!
Look what happened while we were sleeping! St. Nick placed presents under our tree! We even woke up to full stockings. They had Wiggle and VeggieTale coloring books. I got a VeggieTale T-shirt in my stocking! Can you believe it?!?
Jonah got a Wiggle T-shirt in his stocking! I bet you can guess what we are wearing this afternoon.
Coloring Books! Yee Haw~
Then the present opening commenced after Mommy & Daddy got their coffees (very important).

Jonah and I are a little Wiggle obsessed.So you can imagine our joy when Jonah opened a present that is Just Dance for Wii Kids. It has Wiggles Hot Potato on it. Now we can dance along with the Wiggles on our Wii.
I opened my Larry Mobile and it was LOVE at first sight.
More presents! Look at the concentration.
Look at how much I love my Daddy. Here we are sharing looking at something and I just had to give him a big hug.
Larry Mobile. Sigh.
Jonah loves his new building blocks. He also got a guitar. A REAL guitar.
Mommy made these from scratch. Silly thing to take pictures of but we're talking...from SCRATCH. The yeast, the rolling, the dough rising...FROM SCRATCH. Yummy.
Silly Mommy.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas,
Your morning looks wonderful and merry.

amy and mighty max said...

I just love you girl! That last photo is perfect! So happy you were all together and had such a wonderful celebration. YAY! Merry Christmas Gillig family. :)

Carolyn said...

From the p;ictures, you all had a wonderful Christmas. Lots of fun and toys. And Kristy, you rolls look yummy. I can smell them.
Carolyn in WV

Tommy's mommy said...

Awesome Christmas Gillig's! LOVE that Ray is home and laughed so hard Kristy at you and the cinnamon rolls. Blessings for the new year!