Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Being Home Sick Has Its Advantages

Today, I got to stay home with Mommy. I've had a bad cold but today it was coupled with a high fever and a cough. Mommy still had Jonah go to 'play school' and our foster-friend went to his school for the day as well. That left Mommy all to me. I might be sick but I'll tell ya, being sick has its advantages.

First, Mommy took me through the Starbucks drive thru when we dropped the other two kiddos off. I got to have my very own Strawberries N' Cream Smoothie. I gulped it down which made Mommy happy because a) I loved it; and b) I used a big boy cup in the car and didn't spill a drop. That's sayin' something!

Second, my Larry Mobile had broken. So Mommy took advantage of our time together to get me a new one before we returned home. I was so excited about getting the Larry Mobile back that we didn't even get to the cash register before I had that baby open and making noises!

Thirdly, the best part of being home sick and having Mommy all to myself was all the cuddles. She even took a nap with me. Seriously, I had my grips on Mom all day. All to myself.

See, I might feel awful but being sick can have its high points!

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Carolyn said...

Dylan, it sounds like your "me and mommy time" was what the dr. ordered. Hope you are feeling better soon. And congrats on the big cup with the smoothies, yummy!
Carolyn in WV