Monday, June 06, 2011

Funny Story!! Frisbee vs. Daddy and Uncle Don

So here is the scoop: While we were at Pacific Beach, WA over Memorial Weekend, one of our beloved Pete's (aka Auntie Jen and Uncle Don's puppy) toy frisbees landed on the roof of our rental beach house. So what, do you ask, did Daddy and Uncle Don do? Got a vacuum cleaner, a plunger, and a broom to try and solve the problem. Are they MacGuyver?!? ABSOLUTELY NOT but it was pretty funny to watch two grown men (one a Comcast computer tech whiz and the other a Navy Chief) try to get this one right. But in the end, what do you think happened? These same grown men agreed that Auntie Jen's original suggestion of climbing on to the roof was the way to go.

Do you think Uncle Don and Daddy got the message that the MOMMY is always right? Well..

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