Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Catching Up (1): Max's Birthday Party

We have been very busy this summer. So while we haven't been posting, we have been having fun. Now we are just catching up on the events of the past little while. First up: Max's Birthday Party.

Max's Mom is AMAZING! She put together a super fun party for us which included homemade cupcakes, a scavenger hunt, prizes, cake decorating, and more.
The party was a jungle themed scavenger hunt party. Here I am being a monkey.
Do you think Jonah enjoyed decorating his own cake?
This is Mommy's favorite picture of Jonah from this summer.
Seriously! Look at these cupcakes! Max's Mommy made them! MADE THEM!

This is Eva. Mommy loves her and secretly hopes I'll marry her someday.
Look at this drink! Yummy.
This is Tommy. We have missed seeing the M family and were so happy that they were at the party. Mommy got to catch up briefly with Tommy's Mom (also a wonder woman!) but Mommy says she needs more time with her. This truly is one amazing family and we are so blessed to have the M family as friends.

This is Max's Mom (aka Amy). She put together this amazing party and as you can see, I love her. Lots.

Check out this huge MONKEY that Max had for his party. Is this thing just not the coolest?

The Birthday Boy

We love you, Max.



Carolyn said...

Dylan, thanks so much for sharing your summer fun. Great to see Dylans family, Tommys family and Maxs family all together, you boys have amazing mommies.
Love you all,
Carolyn in WV

Sandi said...

Great pictures Kristy! I'm so thankful we are friends. You are just a treasure! Love all four of your kiddos.