Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Catching Up (3): Fourth of July

Our 4th of July was a fun and quiet time with some of our closest friends. We had a BBQ at our house with the 4x4 and a pool for entertainment. We had a good time and we love our friends. Welcome back, L family. They had moved away and are back. So excited that they are close to us once again.
There were six of us kiddos here to celebrate the 4th. Five of us pig-piled onto Daddy while he was trying to relax on the hammock. Relax? PULEESE! He's an adult after all. Leave the relaxing to us kids.
I love my daddy. Here I am climbing on and loading him with kisses.
This is Hunter. Isn't he CUTE?!? Doug and Jayna. So glad you are home.

Baby Hunter! Can we see your ID? Don't think you're 21 yet, buddy.


Doug enjoying the moment.

With an adult beverage.

Doug riding the 4x4.


Even Kirby enjoyed the pool party we kiddos had.

I had a great time on the 4th.

J enjoying some water action.

Kacy and Jonah.

Close friends that were so excited to play together.

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Carolyn said...

WOW!! You kiddos sure had a good time.