Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jonah Quotes

Jonah is a very smart brother and lately he's taken to stating some of his observations in a very quirky manner. Here is a list of Jonah's Top Quotes from recent:

-- While giving Mommy a spontaneous 'chest bump', Jonah stops and states to her, "Mommy, your chest bumps are bouncier."

-- While pinching me, Mommy yelled at Jonah to stop pinching. He turned to her and says, "Mom. I'm not pinching. I'm just squishing really, really hard."

-- While at the Woodland Park Zoo, Jonah was watching the penguins eat fish. They would eat and then dive which caused bubbles to appear from the back end. Jonah sees the bubbles and states, "LOOK! Fish farts!"

-- While at an indoor soccer game with Mommy, Jonah wanted some money for a candy machine. When she said she didn't have any on her, Jonah turns to one of her team mates (and a complete stranger) and asks, "Well, do you have any money?"

-- While climbing into the bath, Jonah tactfully observes, "Mom. I smell like poop."

-- Mommy was peeved at Jonah for talking back to her one day. So she told him so. His response, " (*SIGH*) Mom. I am not talking backwards. I'm talking English."

-- "Hey. The dinner plate stays on the table. NOT on your head."

-- Running out of the bathroom, Jonah yells, "MOOOMMMMM! It's big so I need to scare it small again!" (Oh yes. We're talking the 'down there' big.) Poor Mommy.


Confessions of an Obese Mom said...

Trav Says Cold bathes work..(for the bathrooom) He busted up laughing at "Fish Farts" and did a chuckle on "Bumps"
WTG Jonah..

Sandi said...

I'm laughing so hard! Too cute.