Thursday, November 29, 2007


I have made a big leap in my speech. I can now say "ssss". It is actually how I'm trying to say "hor-SSSS-e" (horse) and this is a very big and new sound for me. But that is not all. I have had another speech milestone checked off my list. I can now blow. I can blow in a whistle or just blow to make you bat your eyes. But I can blow. It took me a long time to figure that one out.

For most people, this sounds so silly. But these two hugely incredible achievements have come after literally months (almost a year) of some very hard work. The first of these accomplishments was to blow and I have actually done this in my last Speech Therapy session. But the "sss" sound came when Daddy was playing Horse with me. I signed "horse" and made the "ssss" sound. I can now do this on a somewhat regular basis.

Mommy is so proud of these two big accomplishments. Hooray for me. Got any whistles? Maybe I can blow out a candle.


Ang said...

mommy needs to put candles in cupcakes and pancakes and mashed potatoes for you to practice blowing on them.

Great job on your accomplishments Dylan I'm so proud of you..You are doing Great!!

Carolyn said...

Oh Dylan, you can blow in my eyes anytime. You are doing awesome. Maybe Mommy can take a video of you. Kristy, you are doing a fantastic job.
Carolyn in WV

AZ Chapmen said...

WTG Dylan horay bud

Tommy's mommy said...

Oh Dylan that is great news!! Hopefully you can stop by and blow out Tommy's "1 year candle" for his birthday. Awesome job big boy! And what a fun game of horsey with daddy, very sweet.

sarah and the troops said...

Way to go Dylan!!! This is great and a huge milestone. And in a few months you will get to blow out your candles on your B-Day cake. And, Bubbles in the summer and in the bath. Fun - Fun!! You are amazing little one. Love and hugs.