Thursday, November 29, 2007

Big Boy Teeth!

Breaking News! Jonah got his first molar. Mommy has been very surprised at this new revelation. When I went through teething (well, I still am), I didn't really fuss about it. But with the arrival of Jonah's new molar, we had the complete opposite reaction. Mommy nicknamed him Drama King. We had the full-meal-deal of temper tantrums, horrible poohs, nights up late screaming, and some very strong tylenol dependency. But it finally arrived and both Jonah & Mommy are relieved. Drama King has left the building and our loving, sweet, cuddly Jonah has returned to us.

Wait! What do you mean we have to do this again?!? Mommy. I'll put on the coffee for you.


Ang said...

awwwwwwwwww....hang in their kiddos. Kristy have you wet some wash clothes down with chicken broth and frozen them? Then give them to the boys to chew on while teething? Just a thought. hang in there guys.

sarah and the troops said...

Yeah Jonah, and Yeah Mommy. Wow, your first Molar. You are growing up so fast.