Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Graduation Nightmare

Today was the graduation ceremony from my school that I've attended since I was 4 months old. Mommy was SO excited to go but as soon as we got there, she knew it was a bad idea. The place was packed. Not just a little. We're talking standing room only...PACKED! The plan of attack was for her to get there with us two kiddos and then Daddy was going to join us right after work. But as soon as we walked in the door (after we finally got IN), Mommy knew it was not good. Sure enough, I got WAY over stimulated and started screaming and crying. Jonah clung to Mommy's leg so she couldn't even get anywhere and eventually, we were ushered into the kitchen in the back to wait it out until Daddy arrived. It was bad.

So Mommy learned an important lesson today..ironically, at MY school. She was pretty selfish trying to take us kiddos to a ceremony that really wasn't for us, but was for her. She felt pretty guilty for making us go when she knew it might be too much for us. As a special treat, we got McDonalds fries on the way home. Yummy. Mommy guilt is sometimes a good thing. At least we got some fries and an extra cool graduation certificate.


Mighty Max! said...

It was just a wee bit crazy, wasn't it? :)

Congrats to Dylan though on his graduation! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulation Dylan on Graduating..Yeah My little Buddy is moving onto being a Little Man...

Carolyn said...

Very frustrating to have to endure all that.
Hugs to all,
Carolyn in WV