Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Mommy's In Trouble

Mommy lost her calendar yesterday!

She had it and now it's gone. She thinks she lost it in her symphony rehearsal last night and if so, it is long gone. In it were all my therapy appointments, her teaching schedule (and how she tracks for billing), and her Christmas performance/rehearsal schedule. There were also phone numbers, notes, reminders....yep, Mommy is in trouble. Sadly, she really relies on that little book.

If you know Mommy has an appointment coming up, will you please give her a call? This includes performance and rehearsal dates. She has reconfirmed Birchwood Presbyterian, Trinity Lutheran, and Skagit Valley Opera. Those not listed, please contact her with your rehearsal schedules if you have not already received a phone message. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.



Carolyn said...

Oh no !! Kristy I'm saying an extra little prayer that someone will find your calendar and give you a call.
Carolyn in WV

Mary said...


Your plate (or should I say calendar) is just too full! Praying that your calendar is located and returned to you soon.

Jessica said...

Wow, if I lost my calander I would be in big trouble! I hope you find it!! Good luck!