Monday, January 21, 2008

Getting Ready for Big Boy School

We are now entering the next phase of preparing for special education preschool. We have already had our beginning introductory meeting with the school staff and the next set of meetings are assessments. This includes a psychological assessment, an occupational therapy assessment, and a speech/language assessment. All of these meetings are happening in the next two weeks. Mommy is still pretty amazed that the poor teachers have to go through all these steps to "qualify" me for special education. You would think my chromosone chart would be enough just like it is with everything else. But no...we have entered the massive paperwork school system. We've only just begun.

After these assessments, a medical review (my open-heart surgery and continuing heart defects, etc.), and then another meeting, we get ready for our first IEP. This is where all the teachers, therapists, and parents get together to establish a year-long plan to help my development that hopefully everyone can agree on. I then start my big boy school in March.
Phew. That is alot. Bet "typical" kids don't have to go through all this....


Tommy's mommy said...

We will be watching Dylan's transition to big boy school. Thanks for taking the time to post!

The behavior modification will be interesting to see what works for Dylan. Tommy has taken to biting my chin when he gets excited or upset. Although he is still toothless (at 13 months!) I'm thinking this isn't such a great behavior.

Ang said...

sending prayers up that this goes smoothly

Heather said...

I just e-mailed tonight to ask how you were feeling about pre-school right around the corner, then I read your blog and got my!

Again, I'm so thankful to have someone like you to walk a few steps ahead of me...I'll be praying everything works out just as it should. Dylan will be a blessing to his new school.