Monday, February 18, 2008

Grateful Grapes and Gripes

Today is Grateful Grapes and Gripes day. Our weekly celebration (or commiseration) of something. Last week, we honored Mommy's treadmill. She is VERY grateful for her treadmill, or as she likes to call it...her Anger Management Therapy (AMT for short).

This week, we celebrate our church nursery. We started attending our current church last October and have completely fallen in love with it. It truly was an answer to Mommy's prayers. Before, she had been really struggling to get to our old church because it was a very big church and Jonah absolutely HATED the nursery. They would have Mommy hand him off over a counter and at the first moment of a whimper, our number was called and Mommy would have to leave the service. It was very frustrating. Since Daddy works alot, she also goes by herself with us two kiddos and getting into (and out of) our old church was a nightmare. She could hardly fit herself through the crowd let alone with two screaming kiddos who didn't want to be there.

Our new nursery is fantastic. The women who work there are amazing and love to play with us. They tolerate Mommy coming in with Jonah for a bit so he can get adjusted and they handle his small amount of crying with ease. Mommy is also so grateful to the special care that they have shown me by posting ASL signs in the room so they can know what I'm saying. These women are truly fantastic and are so loving, caring, good snugglers, and more.

Getting into and out of the church is lots easier now. Mommy can do it herself since it isn't so crowded and people often offer to help (THANK YOU HEATHER!). We also love our playmates there. My friend, Kaden, is there with me and we like to play.

Words can't describe how thankful we are for our new church nursery. The church is pretty fantastic too. Mommy is fitting right in and loves the bible study classes. The people are friendly and she is even getting to know everyones name. But the church nursery is how we found out how great the church is. And that is our very Grateful Grape of the week. Thanks ladies. We truly appreciate you.


Heather said...

The church nursery LOVES you and your brother too! We are so happy you feel at home there. God knew all the nursery really needed to be complete was two handsome little Gillig's!

Heather and Kaden

Carolyn said...

Kristy, I'm glad you found a church that you feel comfortable in. And the nursery sounds awesome, when the boys are happy, it always makes the mommy's feel better too.
Hugs to you,
Carolyn in WV