Saturday, February 16, 2008

Moments of Grief

It's ironic that Mommy was talking with another parent this last week about the grief process parents continually go through when they have a child of special needs. It is a never ending process...a continual reminder of a different parenting experience. Shortly after that conversation, Mommy had a grief moment just like the one she was talking about.

We are refinancing our house. We are fine but wanted to consolidate our garage loan into the home loan so we aren't writing so many checks (and paying two interest rates). We are also using the funds to fix a bathroom up a bit and Daddy is getting a new truck. His old truck has lots of miles on it. Since we don't want to have to pay a car payment for the next 10 years, we are buying one with the extra money that will come from the refinance.

But the 'grief moment' came upon Mommy when they were discussing the fact that we would have this new truck for at least 10 years and hopefully by the time Jonah starts driving. There was a long pause during this discussion....because that is where the 'unsaid' part was. The fact that Jonah will hopefully be driving this truck but I won't be able to. It's something that hit Mommy. Right in the gut.

So she takes a deep breath, gives me a big hug, and moves on. The grief process continues.


Ang said...

hugs to all of many hugs.

Mighty Max! said...

Those moments are so random and yet so incredibly are in my thoughts. And you are right...we go on.

Love to all of you...

Carolyn said...

You are all in my thoughts and prayers.
Sending hugs,
Carolyn in WV

Nika said...

You never know, its so long from now, and by then, when dylan time comes up, maybe there will a cure or such a therapy he will be able to drive as well ! all we need is to hope and dream. hugs to dylan and jonah. and even if, there will be so many other things dylan will be able to do and others wont (remember that story about a trip to holland amy posted on her blog a while back) Happy valentine to all of you

Tommy's mommy said...


I enjoy talking to you so much (and a thank u note is on it's way). This grief does indeed pop up at strange moments. So often it is the unsaid that brings the heavy heart.

I'm thankful that God has placed you, Ray, Dylan and Jonah in our path.

And the Curry House was delicious!

Much love to your family, Sandi