Sunday, February 17, 2008

Food Favorites

Pictured above is our kiddo's dinner from the other night. It consisted of penne pasta, mixed veggies, string cheese, and chicken nuggets. Although we didn't eat all of it (Jonah is a challenge to feed veggies to), we loved the nuggets, cheese, and pasta. This is HUGE progress which has all happened in the last month or so. I am still a very fussy boy to feed (due to oral aversion issues) but my food repretiore has increased threefold! If you had asked my Mommy a couple of months ago if she thought I could eat some string cheese, she would have laughed. Boy! Did I prove her wrong. Now I'm eating peanut butter sandwiches, crackers, cheese, toasted cheese sandwiches....lots. Not on the list are rices and lots of veggies. But we'll keep trying.

So I may not be talking yet, but this is a BIG BIG BIG....SUPER BIG deal and has been something we have literally been working on since birth.

HOORAY for me! Hey, Jonah! Watch me eat MY veggies. Maybe you'll like them too!


Carolyn said...

May I come for lunch sometime? I love toasted cheese sandwiches and peanut butter ones too. Keep up the good job.
Carolyn in WV

Mighty Max! said...


Eva Claire said...

Woo-hoo! That's darn near a typical toddler meal! Yay, typical!!