Sunday, February 17, 2008


Mommy has to vent for a second. Watch out. It's a biggee....

I have a concert today and at the last rehearsal I went to for it, a woman came up to me and tried to convince me to give Dylan this herbal supplement. It would 'cure' Dylan according to the pamphlets and make him just the most fantastic-ly energetic and 'normal' boy EVER. In fact, after a while, you wouldn't be able to tell he had Down syndrome. Wow. What a feat.

Too bad that is a bunch of CRAP!

To use Dylan's Down syndrome and our vulnerable feelings about it to produce a profit is sick. I'm not saying that supplements are all bad. In fact, Mommy does believe in a more natural approach to many things. But this was not FDA approved, had not been tested, and there was absolutely no proof of a 'cure'. When I asked for doctor input, there was none according to this woman because "the doctors don't want you to know about it because they'd lose money". Instead she showed me this story about a young woman with Down syndrome who was dressed up nicely and supposedly 'just fine'.

I have to admit, I was too shocked at first to say anything. This was someone I hardly knew and she approached me in a rehearsal. I had to bite my tongue to keep from really telling her off. But some of it escaped and I ended up not looking too professional after all.... let's just say that the bullsh@t flag was thrown.

I don't think she'll talk to me ever again unless it's with that apology I demanded from her.

I love Dylan and accept his Down syndrome. Sure, it's hard to stomach sometimes but this woman was implying that my son was defective. God gave me Dylan just as he is for a reason and He has a purpose. Saying that something is wrong with Dylan is not only rude, it goes against all that I believe. I appreciate that people are afraid of what they don't understand and this woman OBVIOUSLY didn't understand anything about Down syndrome or parenting for that matter....but it doesn't mean that Dylan won't accomplish things in life. That was a horrible assumption on her behalf.

Think of his Down syndrome as differently-abled....not disabled.

Dylan will fulfill the purpose God has made for him. He'll just do it a little slower than you or I. And as a forewarning, DO NOT call my son defective. EVER.


Carolyn said...

Kristy, Throw the lady a bullsh*t flag from me too. Some people just don't need to open their mouth ever. Love you and your family.
Carolyn in WV

Mighty Max! said...

Amen sister, AMEN!

Eva Claire said...

GASP! What is WRONG with people?! Jeez.

Mary said...

I agree with you completely. Too bad there is no cure for her ignorance.

Heather said...

Hmmm...unfortunately this sounds all too familiar. What can I say but I'm sorry you had to deal with it.


ellen charge said...

i kinda was smiling at the idea of the miracle cure coz if there was one wouldtn we ALL GET ONE for our probs:) yes me still in ur archives and ive had peopel tell mum that french onion soup cures cp i have charge i knwo but to soem peple a person in a wheelchair means cp or spinabifita it seems now you know form mighty max the reason im in a chair is coz i dotn have great balance and my hearing isnt that great and you know what comes next youve read or heard from amy im sure and seen max so il stop but stil its annoying