Friday, March 28, 2008

Grateful Grapes

Mommy has been very busy these past few weeks and has neglected her usual Monday Grateful Grapes posts. To make up for this, she is spending her Friday afternoon at the computer (not writing the letter she should be writing..technically, that's procrastination) sharing her grateful snippet.

The grateful grapes for this week is my therapy sessions. In particular, the result of all the hard work put into my therapy sessions by myself and my wonderful therapists. Suddenly, I am sprouting with progress. HUGE progress.

For example, I am suddenly more vocal. My speech therapy sessions have been so frustrating for me but something has "clicked" in the most recent weeks. Although I am not particularly talking per se, I am making more attempts to do so. And it's showing. Today I had an occupational therapy session. During this session, I was playing with a puzzle that had a cow, a sheep, and a rooster on it. I was trying to match the animals to the puzzle. When my occupational therapist handed me the cow, I said "ooo". In 'Dylan-speak' that translates to "moo". Considering that I could hardly say "ooo" on command not too long ago, that is big. VERY BIG. In my session today, I was saying "ooo" voluntarily and without prompt. It is my voice and it was music to Mommy's ears.

Another great accomplishment is in my motor skills. My occupational therapists have diligently worked on fine and gross motor skills for...well, forever. My gross motor skills have been substantially better in the past but my fine motor skills were lacking. One particular task is to thread a bead onto some string. I have had more fits over this task than Mommy can count. But just recently, I came home with an art project from school that required what? Me threading a string through paper. When Mommy asked the teacher about it, she said there was no fit and that I did the project by myself. I'm also starting to master the spoon, brushing my own hair (Mommy thinks I'm trying to set a new style record), and I'm beginning to actually like playing with play-doh. All of these come from lots of tears and dedication from my occupational therapists.

So the grateful grapes for the week goes to my therapists. Thanks for all that you do, for putting up with my frustrations, and helping me make such wonderful progress.


Carolyn said...

Oh Dylan, I knew you could do all this, you are just doing it in your time. And that is fine.

Mary said...


When Friday came and there had been no "grateful Grapes" all week I knew you must be busy, busy.

You are always so faithful with keeping us informed about your sweet boys.

I hope all of Dylan's tests go well.

Eva and her 'rents said...

Isn't it awesome when these leaps occur? It makes me want to...leap! Going to school has had an amazing impact on Eva's abilities. Dylan's probably soaking that up, too. YAY DYLAN! (and you, too...)

Anonymous said...

yeah Dylan, your hard work is paying off. Keep it up Bro!!