Friday, March 28, 2008

Medical Update

So back to some serious medical updates.

Let's start with my glasses. I broke them. Yep, I did. Mommy took the trip to the glasses doctor and this time, they had to be put to rest (*darn). My superman glasses are no more and have finally met their end. So my new glasses are on order and I'll get them next week. PLEASE pray that I'll keep these ones on and will have a will to keep them in one piece. Mommy has had many 'walk-away' moments over getting me to wear my glasses and if there is a solution that anyone has offered, she's tried it. So she takes a deep breath (DEEP BREATH) and moves on to see if these new glasses will be more successful.

Next month has been declared BUSY MEDICAL APPOINTMENTS month at the G household. To start the busy month off, I am going in for another hearing test. Yes...another hearing test. I am not the best patient in this field and have not had a successful test yet. All have been inconclusive. So now we are going to try again with a Play Hearing Test and we'll if my hearing works okay. Mommy is confident that I can hear just fine so this is not a pressing issue. In fact, if you whisper anything about the Wiggles from across the room, you can bet I'll come running signing for a video...emphatically. So this is just to give our Speech therapists some reassurance.

I also have a Speech Therapy evaluation. I'm going to go back to one of Mommy's favorite therapists of all time at the hospital for more Speech Therapy and so we are going to go through an evaluation to get started again with her.

Then the big medical appointment comes up. I'm heading down to Children's hospital for a heart check-up. My heart appointment will check things out with an echocardiogram, a chest x-ray, and an EKG. Then I'll see my cardiologist who is very nice and always talks directly with me...not at me. Like I said, he's a good pediatric cardiologist and Mommy has always admired this particular trait.

The heart appointment is where Mommy get's a little worried. For those of you that don't know, I had open-heart surgery when I was 4 months old to repair VSD and AV canal defects in my heart. My heart defects were quite severe and very complicated. This caused the surgery to take a very long time and because you can only be on a bypass machine for a certain amount of time, they had to leave a mitral valve heart defect alone during the heart surgery. My cardiologist at Children's hospital has been monitoring this Mitral Valve defect and it is slowly getting worse. At my last general pediatrician appointment, the doctors had announced that my heart murmer was more pronounced and could now be heard on both sides of my chest.

So even though our heart appointment is actually just a routine check up, Mommy always worries about the Mitral Valve. Worst case scenario would be another heart surgery but most likely, I'll be put on medication in the future. Hopefully, the medication will not be needed anytime soon.

So there is my medical update and if Mommy is lucky, you'll start seeing lots of pictures with me wearing glasses....we'll see about that.


Eva and her 'rents said...

I'm holding Dylan (and mommy, daddy and Jonah) safely in my heart. May all be well. You've had far too much drama these last several months.

Tommy's mommy said...

Dylan, We will be at Children's on the 18th and the 22nd.... would love to grab lunch with ya if those dates are yours also. Otherwise, we will be thinking about you and hoping all is well!