Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's Off To See The Doctor...The Doctors Office We Go

Yep. I'm heading to the doctor. Last night I had another horrible bloody nose that literally spurted and soaked a shirt full of blood. Mommy and Daddy were very scared. You would think that a bloody nose wouldn't be that big of a deal but this really was. It was a *LOT* of blood. We almost made a run for the ER but Mommy and Daddy kept their cool and we got things settled at home.

It really was a lot of blood. So it's off to see the doctor, the doctor's office we go.

(Can you tell Mommy is a little sleep-deprived?)


Ang said...

i hope everything is okay. please be well please. sending prayers up

CherylinWV said...

Hi Dillon & Kristy!

You don't know me, but I have been reading Dylan's blog for quite some time. I found his blog site through Mighty Max's. You are both such cuties!! I'm sorry to hear about the bloody nose incident, but I wanted to pass along something somebody once told me to do. Turn in your Bible to Ezekiel 16:6, touch his little head and read the verse to him. I hope it works for you!!


Tommy's mommy said...

Oh Dylan! Hope your nose gets better and that your whole family feels better after their colds. I'm glad your mommy and daddy kept calm, if it was me and I saw the blood... I would have passed out cold. :( Take care Gillig family.