Monday, March 10, 2008

Grateful Grapes and Gripes

Mommy has had a pretty hard week. Daddy and I have been sick. We aren't exactly the best of patients sometimes and so Mommy has been working extra hard to keep everyone happy. But it's been tough. She's so sick of all the viruses, colds, and flus that have hit our house this winter. It has really been a very frustrating time. In fact, she's down right mad. Now Jonah is sick so the cycle continues.

Saturday she was so upset at Daddy's whining she kicked him out of the house. Not very nice but like I said earlier, she's pretty sick of all the sick. Daddy was at the end of his cold so she said enough was enough and made him go do something. So he went truck shopping. Admittedly she is very impressed with his business sense and patience. He's been looking for a truck for over a month and has been very picky and patient to find just the right deal. On Saturday, when Mommy said GO...he did. And he ended up finally finishing his truck shopping. He saved us a bundle of money and found a beautiful F150. She's proud of him. It's just what he wanted and she says it is his birthday present (his birthday is tomorrow).

But with his absence, she actually has been home with us kiddos. Like I said, I've been very sick. On Saturday, I had a temperature over a 103 and was crabby. Actually, crabby is putting it mildly. Then on Sunday, when Mommy went in to get us kiddos up for the morning she found me covered in blood. Yep, blood. Mommy freaked. It ends up it was a bloody nose probably from a very strong sneeze but it scared her just the same. Now Jonah is sick with the high temperature. I still have a temperature. Both of kiddos are crabby, whiny, crying, and more. To make things worse, her throat is scratchy and she has a headache.

Let's just say all this has not improved her mood. But what has improved things for her is our Grateful Grapes for the week. Words of encouragement. Mommy has had several random words of encouragement from people this week. For example, Eva's Mommy called to reassure her that my school assessment meeting would be okay. Another example is a card that Mommy got in the mail from Max's Mommy congratulating me on my big boy school. Mommy also got an email from her aunt telling her how proud she was of Mommy for all her work and advocacy with Down syndrome. Kaden's Mommy helped us at church the other day while Mommy went to bible study. All these things have been truly appreciated and Mommy is so thankful for these words of encouragement.

So that is our wonderful Grateful Grapes of the week. Thank you to everyone for your kind words and actions. Mommy is so thankful.


Ang said...

I don't know what I could say or do to put a smile on your face and in your heart.
You are so patient, resilient(sp?), loving, understanding, nurturing, strong, and perserverant for those boys (and hubby). Your family is so blessed to have you. I would be in tears by now with all the sickness. I would be crying on my blog or on the phone to my momma..But you always put a smile on your face and your best foot forward. you are so inspiring and I'm always in total awe of all that you do and all that you are involved in...Pixxie and Dragonboy keep asking me when they can come see Dylan and meet Jonah and see Max. I've told them soon. We all need to get through this. (Houses of Sickville)


I am so grateful to have a friend named Kristy, and Dylan, and Jonah and Ray.

Mary said...


I know you are exhausted both mentally and physically. If I were there I could take care of the sick kiddos for you and send you to a motel with a spa for a good night of sleep and some pampering.

I have always been amazed that everyone gets to go to bed and be cared for when they are ill except mothers. We are expected to just keep going.

Please feel good about yourself. You are an excellent wife and mother.