Friday, March 07, 2008

School Update

Yesterday, Mommy visited my new school and met with all the therapists/specialists/teachers/psychologists/etc. The meeting was actually pretty good. Mommy wants to thank Eva's Mom for giving Mommy a call and making her feel lots better about this meeting beforehand. The meeting went over all my test scores and to make the official announcement that I qualify for special education. We could have told them that but they have to do all these tests. Poor school administrators. That's a lot of paperwork for the obvious.

As Mommy expected, my scores were very low. I was tested in speech, fine and gross motor skills, given a psychological profile, and more. The only hard part about the meeting was the term, "significantly delayed". This kept coming up with each review. But Mommy had expected the meeting to be all bad things and the specialists were very kind to include positive aspects too. For example, although I don't talk yet, the specialists were very encouraged by my sign language capabilties. This was a relief to Mommy. She had expected the worst....a negative view of how much I have accomplished. The meeting put Mommy at ease.

Mommy also met our teacher and she is very nice. The next step is another meeting on St. Patricks day to establish an IEP (Individual Education Plan) and then I start school on my birthday. It will be a very special birthday present. Mommy and Daddy think I will have a blast.

Here I come, Big Boy School! I wonder if they know what their in for?

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Eva and her 'rents said...

Yay! I'm glad it went well. You can tell me all about it (or not!) tomorrow!