Sunday, April 13, 2008


This past week,we've been passing around a cold. It started with Daddy, moved to me, and now Jonah and Mommy have it. It causes a pretty icky nose and sore throat with a small fever. We haven't been letting it slow us down too much though. Yesterday was BEAUTIFUL out so Mommy played with us outside almost the whole day. We played on our bikes and slide while Mommy put in a new flower bed. She also tilled the garden a second time while we took our naps.

Today calls for a little more rest. We've had some rough nights and it caught up with Mommy. Jonah is a little more sick today too. Since it's sprinkling out, Mommy decided to clean inside (we'll "help") and will plant her gardens tomorrow. The puppies had an accident too so that definitely needs some attention. It's a little smelly in here.

We took pictures of our outdoor adventures so we'll share them with you soon. Hopefully Jonah will feel better soon and the sun will return. But today will be a nice quiet day inside. I think there's some cuddling in my future!


Mary said...

Kristy, you must never rest. I cannot believe all that you do both inside and outside in addition to the children. You have the equivalent of three or four jobs.

Please try to get some much needed rest so you will have some resistance.

Love you, you are a special little mother.

Carolyn said...

Hope everyone starts to feel better soon. Being "sick" is no fun.