Sunday, April 13, 2008

Testing the Limits

Mommy is running out of patience today. Jonah and I have been testing the know, seeing just how much we can get away with even after she'd told us "no" or "not safe". I am pinching my brother constantly today even though I get a time-out each time and then have to say 'I'm sorry" to both Jonah and Mommy afterward. I think I've spent more time in my room than out of it today. Jonah is seeing how many times he can stand on the furniture (kitchen table, coffee table, couch, etc). He is starting to see lots of time-outs too.

Mommy doesn't feel well which isn't helping the situation. Normally, she handles all this pretty well. We are at that age where we try this often but today seems worse than normal. Her reaction...not too pleasant, actually. She's had some walk-away moments and even a couple of spankings which she hardly ever does. Her bad mood stems from the fact that the puppies also had an accident last night so the house smells and she's been trying to clean up while we misbehave.

Yep. The cuddling is not happening like I thought it would. Instead, Mommy says we're having an early and extra long nap. Oh boy.


Carolyn said...

OK boys, no more testing Mommy. And take a long nap so Mommy can nap too. Kristy I hope you will be feeling better, rest when the boys do.
Love you all !!

Samantha Seholm said...

I am sorry you are having a rough day I had one of those days last Thursday. I hope you get some rest durning nap time:)

Eva and her 'rents said...

Oh boy. We are having one of THOSE days today. Lord help us all! Hope you feel better soon. :)