Friday, June 13, 2008

Daddy Update

Thanks to everyone who have been asking about Daddy. Daddy is doing much better although still a little groggy from all the medication he was taking. Mommy took Daddy to the doctor today and he has to go see a specialist to get some nerve tests done. Then, on the 23rd, he'll go see the neurosurgeon to see about cortisone shots. Since Daddy is now starting to move around a little more, he is getting very anxious to get outside. Mommy almost had to chain him to the bed yesterday but it looks like he can get out today.

Funny story. Mommy had to hide Daddy's pills. He kept thinking that he hadn't taken his medication yet which make him very loopy- or as the doctor put it- like a sailor who's had a few too many. Since these are narcotics that we're talking about, Mommy literally took them away and hid them. Essentially, she became his drug-dealer. She was very thankful when the doctor told him it was okay to not take anymore except at night before bed to help him sleep. Phew. She was beginning to feel like a drug-dealer who was also a stern nurse that nobody likes.

Our goal is to get Daddy well enough to be able to return to work late next week on a lighter duty. He's up for a promotion, so Mommy is anxious to support him so that what he has been working so hard for, isn't passed over him because he got hurt. He seems to be doing much better and hopefully by getting these drugs out of his system, he'll do even better.

Again, thanks to everyone for you prayers and support. Mommy and Daddy appreciate it. Also, thanks to Grandma Be who came over today to watch us kiddos while they went to the doctor. We appreciate it and had lots of fun.


Carolyn said...

Ray, glad you are feeling better and you had a SUPER NURSE!! Hope you can get back to work and get that promotion. Congrats !!
Carolyn in WV

Anonymous said...

i'm so glad to hear that he is on the mend and starting to feel better. much love and hugs hope to see you tomorrow!