Saturday, June 21, 2008

Report Card Woes

Mommy got my report card today. Even though another Mommy had told us that it will be a little upsetting...Mommy literally feels like she got socked right in the gut. Here are some highlights:

"In the classroom, Dylan has not yet demonstrated 2 word sentences. He primarily relies on single signs and some sounds....During structured activities, he seems relectuant to show us what he knows. Dylan buries his head, turns away or wants to leave and it's not clear if he understands the request to imitate or answer a question, or if the activity is to overstimulating for him."

"Dylan is very quick and his focus is very short. He can play parallel to peers and seems to enjoy being around them. However, it requires an adult to help him use the play equipment appropriately and for extended time (more than a few seconds). Dylan has a tendency to throw items or put them in his mouth quickly. We have been using a chewy 'P' to help him then use his hands for something appropriate, like painting or work time. This seems to have helped a bit. "

And the winning sentence that appears on all three (very full) pages is..

"Dylan has not yet demonstrated this skill."

Almost the entire three pages of this Report Card reflects on my inability to stay focused and communicate effectively with exception of single word signs. So when Mommy stated that she wasn't too concerned that Jonah has to go to speech therapy...that was a BIG FAT LIE. Obviously, I'm not doing so great in the communication department. Now Jonah is needing to be evaluated. It seems that all of her hard work with us is totally, 100% ineffective. What is going on here? Mommy plays with us. She tries to teach us sign and vocal skills. She is VERY attentive to us and tries to engage us in activities that will stimulate and teach us something.


Mommy says she is going to go get a glass of wine.
To go along with her whine.

Double, triple, quadruple CRAP!

PS. For those who want to know, Mommy did not partake in the wine/whine. Instead, she went to her AMT (aka her treadmill therapy also known as Anger Management Therapy). She's gonna be a little sore tomorrow.


Grace said...

Please, don't be so hard on yourself. You're a great mama to your little guys. All you can do is keep workin' and keep lovin'. Everything will happen when it's supposed to. I always hated those reports from early intervention when my little guy was in them. Why can't they just focus on the amazing things they can do instead of making you feel awful about the things they haven't mastered yet. Sometimes I just wanted to tell the whole world to go to he..., ya know. Leave my kid alone, quit pickin' on my kid (and me too for that matter). I'm sorry you're feeling so rotten about things, but keep in mind that I'll be praying for you.

Dylan, Jonah, and Mom said...

Thanks Grace. I appreciate it. By the way, I hope all went well with you procedure.


Molly said...

Hi Kristy, the teacher who wrote this card is so negative !!! I don't see the point yet but it doesn't show she has understanding. But who does these days. I have a heartbreak of my own (cannot get pregnant) and with dealing with insurance office the "nice" lady told me she has to decline my claim as IVF is elective procedure. How does one elects to be or not to be able to have a baby, I don't know.

Ang said...

my heart and thoughts are with you...please don't take this hard..I know easier said than done.Dylan and Jonah have done are doing so well thanks to you and Ray doing what you have done and the therapies that you do. Know that I love you all..I can't wait to see you at IRONGIRL..I'm gonna go ahead and push for the 10k..I bought myself a heartrate monitor, and some shorts, and new socks..LOL..The little things that please me so..

You are so incredible..Dylan will show you all the hard work is paying off.

skeybunny said...


It's really hard for me to see Evan's written reports also. There are a lot of "has not yet demonstrated" on his skill sheets as well (and my personal favorite: "we have discontinued this goal due to lack of progress"--why don't they just come out and say "we've decided to quit working on this one, because if he hasn't gotten it in 6 months of extensive effort, chances are he isn't going to"). It's especially hard when I see other kids the same age with the same syndrome doing things that albeit are still behind the "norm" but very advanced compared to my son.

What I try to do (as hard as it is sometimes), is block out the other kids and look at Evan compared to himself a year, six months, even one month ago. It is very clear he is making progress. Dylan is too--I read about it on your blog and I see it in the videos. And just think of how hard it would be for Dylan if he didn't have you as his mom? How far behind would he be without someone who has spent all that time in therapy, teaching him, loving him? The impact you have on Dylan is immeasureable--please above all else remember that.

As far as Jonah goes, younger siblings learn speech from their siblings. And Dylan is not the typical model! It's not uncommon for twins (typical, with no issues) to have to have some speech therapy. They spend so much time talking to each other, that they develop little speech quirks. I bet once he starts spending more time with his peers this will lessen.

Sarah (Evan's mom)

JAYNA BEAN said...

hmmm...I think maybe mommy was thinking of a different word other than CRAP and DOUBLE CRAP. I am familiar with that other word.

I am also hurting for you. Freakin' report cards.