Friday, June 20, 2008

Therapy, Therapy, Therapy

Daddy is doing much better after seeing a few doctors for his back. He is officially off any type of medication (lots of people have commented on this) and is back to work. The Neurosurgeon decided that Daddy will get three steriod shots in his back which is okay. To compliment this treatment, Daddy gets to see a Physical therapist a couple times a week. So now Daddy gets to have therapy too just like me. But that's not does Jonah.

Yep. It seems that after a doctors visit and my speech therapist looking at Jonah talk, he is going to get evaluated for his very own speech therapy. He is doing FANTASTIC in the cognitive areas for kids his age but even though he talks somewhat (like his ABC's) he is not clear enough or up to his peers. He also drools a lot which suggests that he needs some extra stimulation for his lower jaw. Mommy is not too concerned but that is thanks to another Mommy who warned her that her kiddos went through the same thing. This other Mommy has two kiddos just like us, the older with Ds and the younger one (no Ds). Her youngest daughter had to have speech therapy too and when Jonah was born, she told Mommy about it. I guess that most kids learn from their peers but when the older sibling is not verbal (like me) then the younger sibling can also experience some delays. Mommy is very thankful to this other Mommy for letting her know about this. I guess it's pretty common and doesn't mean that there is anything wrong. Jonah just needs some extra help to clear up his articulation.

So there you have it. Mommy is a therapy attending maniac. She is going to start calling herself a therapy-mom versus a soccer-mom. She's already tired just thinking about it.


Molly said...

Mommy will one day write therapy encyclopedy and publish it for big $$$ to make up for all those !!!
Happy Saturday everyone ...

Tommy's mommy said...


I'm going to start speech therapy too! Let me know who you are seeing and we can compare notes :)
I only know two words "ma" which means more, mom, dad, yes, no, etc and "gack" which is tractor and truck. We will have fun learning from the speech therapist.

My mommy is doing the wine/whine option, not the amt :)

your friend,
Liam (Tommy's lil' brother)