Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Second Stop: Daddy's Aunt and Uncle's House

After seeing Great-Grandpa and checking out where Daddy grew up, we headed to Lewiston, ID to see Daddy's Aunt and Uncle.

On the road again...zzz.
Mom! Not ANOTHER picture. Lay off the camera. Geez.
We apparently have a ton of cousins.
The balloons didn't last. Did we mention that there seem to be a ton of cousins? Daddy sure does have a really, really, really, really.....really big family.
I'm cheering for all the kids. We actually ate at a restaurant. More importantly, all of these kids ate at a restaurant. Together. AND the parents survived. That definitely should earn a round of applause. (Mommy says it deserves a standing ovation)

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Carolyn said...

Dylan, you sure have lots of cousins. And you are so tall in the picture.
Carolyn in WV