Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Vacation Pics! First Stop...Great Grandpa's House

Here are the pictures as promised. After a night at Grandma & Grandpa's (we saw Uncle Joe too...he's pretty awesome) we headed off to Idaho to see Great-Grandpa.

This is Great-Grandpa. He shared his toy cars with us.
We loved this truck. It sang songs.
Here is Great-Grandpa, Daddy, and I.
Then we stayed at a hotel. We were bouncing off the walls...literally.
Yep. It's a good thing that they had a pool. As you can imagine, we headed straight there. Too bad the beds were the worst hotel beds known to man. Mommy is still sore.

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Carolyn said...

Pictures with Great Grandpa is something to be cherished.
Carolyn in WV