Monday, June 02, 2008

We're HOME!

After a whirlwind trip to Idaho, Mommy is happy to report that our very first roadtrip as a family (with us two gorgeous toddlers) went better than expected. In fact, Mommy is bragging to everyone how fantastic we did. We visited Great-Grandpa, Grandma & Grandpa, Uncle Joe, Auntie Kelly and Uncle Casey, Daddy's Aunt Judy and big family.

Mommy and Daddy limited our drives (we drove somewhere every day) to 4 hours at a time except the very last day. We did great. We especially did FANTASTIC on our very last drive which was 14 hours long. McDonalds (Mommy say's yuck) was actually our best friend. We'd make pit-stops at the McDonalds along the way so Jonah and I could play on the big toys while Mommy had another cup of coffee. Daddy got us kids meals and then it was back on the road. Another great trip-saver was a portable DVD player that hooked up to the head-rests of the car. Jonah and I were jammin to the Wiggles, Signing Time, and Baby Einstein. Tigger and Pooh are now Jonah's favorite videos. I kinda like them too.

Overall, we did more than survived our trip. We all still talk to one another and avoided many a major melt-downs. Phew. We'll post pictures soon.


Carolyn said...

Dylan & family, I'm THRILLED that the first family road trip went well and no major meltdowns. Glad you are home safe and sound and can't wait to see the pictures.
Carolyn in WV

Anonymous said...

Yahooo Dylan and Jonah!!! YAHOOOO...

See you at the walk/race!!

Eva and her 'rents said...

Congratulations! That's fabulous!

Tommy's mommy said...

Great news! I'm especially glad that you are all still talking to each other :) Sometimes after our "relaxing" vacations there are few words for a day or two.

Take care Gilligs!