Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The last post, I hinted about our temper-tantrum stage that has hit our house like a ton of bricks. I sort of down played it a little...but it's big. When I say we are throwing fits it actually can be pretty dramatic. And traumatic. Depends on who you ask or when.

But today, we almost had a trip to the ER due to one of Jonah's fits. He gets very physical during his temper tantrums and although Mommy has learned how to help him decompress, it can be quite an event. Normally, he tries to scratch her face or bash her lip with a head butt. Or he throws his back and literally almost makes her drop him. Today, she decided to let him work it out. We had just gotten out of the car and he didn't like the fact that we were at a friend's house. So he started to cry and he took off running and hitting the car. Except he tripped and went head first into the car door. Fortunately it didn't break the skin or we would have been looking at some stitches. The goose-egg is a beauty.

Mommy has been very frustrated by our temperments and with Daddy being gone a lot these next few weeks, she's already exhausted. Hopefully, this stage will be over with soon. I also throw some whoppers her way too. My temper tantrums mean I'll cry, fall-down and do the 'limp body' thing, and scratch. I've even bitten a few times. If I really don't get my way, or I'm really frustrated because I can't communicate, I start to pull my own hair, scream, and more. It's scary and frustrating for everyone.

So Mommy takes a deep breath. Hopefully, we won't have any more head 'bonks' like today with Jonah. One thing is for sure, Mommy seems really happy when our bedtime comes around lately.


Anonymous said...

You need to get your agressions out by digging a spot in mommy's garden for her to pot new plants..Or running with the dogs on the property so that you are good and tuckered.

Give momma a break boys..(hugs)

JAYNA BEAN said...

Oh my goodness...i think someone needs a break. ME TOO! Lets leave the crazy kids at home and get OUT.