Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We're Alive and Well....

Yes. We are alive and well. We've just been very, very, VERY busy. It was a crazy weekend with another one on the way. Daddy was out of town this weekend for his Navy duties. We missed him and heard that he was having a picnic so on Saturday, we headed over to the base and had a picnic with him. Actually, his whole Navy unit joined us since it was actually their annual picnic but as far as I'm concerned, they were there to celebrate me. You know, that cute kid (and cute little brother) who can flirt with you until you can't resist my super-duper charms.

Then on Sunday, it was yet another busy day. we headed to church and Mommy got baptized. Then we went to another picnic (this time for church) and we met two very fantastic (and mighty cute) girls. Jonah and I had them running after us for a few hours. We had so much fun with them while Mommy actually got to sit down and talk with other adults. Who knew that it would be possible?!? But it actually happened. Mommy talked with other grown-ups and didn't have to use the word "poopy pants" in even one single sentence. It was great.

Then, we came home and slept. HARD. We were two tired and crabby boys so it was a relief to get in a good nap. Mommy took advantage of the time to clean up, do laundry (our washing machine is acting up though), and garden a little. Then she went and played a concert for the Army Band that was visiting. They were short an oboist so Mommy went and filled in. It was an interesting concert....lots of standing, sightreading in the sun, and Mommy stuck out like a sore thumb since she sits in the first row of the ensemble. They were all wearing dress Army uniforms and she was in a white blouse. It was one of her more interesting concerts and fun too.

Monday, we got to play with a friend while Mommy went to work and Daddy slept. We've been testing our limits lately. You know. Really throwing the temper tantrums and it seems that Mommy is not the only victim of our tempermental demise. We did not cooperate yesterday. Nope. Not at all. Even when Mommy came home and Daddy woke up from sleeping, we were not on our best behavior. This has been pretty common lately and Mommy is getting very frustrated. Hopefully, the terrible two-three stage ends...QUICKLY~!!!

Thanks for all the emails. We really are here. Just been crazy--busy. We promise to post pictures soon.

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Carolyn said...

WOW, you all have been very busy. Glad you had family time at the picnic with Daddy. Kristy, so glad you got to enjoy yourself and the boys got to flirt with the girls at the church picnic. Hopefully, the Terrible 2-3's will pass, I'm sure they will. Can't wait to see the pictures.
Hugs to everyone,
Carolyn in WV