Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mommy's Phone Conversations

Mommy has been laughing all night since she realized all the silly things that she has stated to us while on the phone with other people today. She has been making lots of calls for various reasons and here are just a few snippets of the things that have been said during these conversations:

When Mommy picked up a call from a friend, she said, "Good timing! I just finished changing a poopy."

"You'd better get off that table, young man" was the most common statement...

When asked what the dogs were barking at, she replied, "Oh. They've just chased a turkey up a tree."

But here is the winning statement for the day. While talking with another person, she said, "Get your hand out your pants" to me (Dylan) without a second thought. The person on the other end of the phone conversation thought this was HILARIOUS.

Anybody else have silly things come out of your mouths? Or are we right...Mommy is just going crazy?


Anonymous said...

oh no mommy isn't silly or crazy..there are weird things that come out of my mouth and then my mother says who did what to who now?

Eva and her 'rents said...

Oh man, that cracks me up! It's so funny cuz it's SO TRUE! Good for you for finding humor in the little things. Some days it's only the little things that keep one going. XO

Lara, the Neurotic Att'y said...

One day, while I was talking to my best friend (who is the mother of twin 3yo boys), she stopped mid-sentence and said, "Will, don't you put that penny in your ear! Don't do it! Will!" Then she went right back into her sentence.