Thursday, July 17, 2008

Daddy's Owie

Daddy has his first shot for his back today. It is a cortizone/steriod shot that will be put directly into his spine (between the L5 and S1). Mommy thinks that they are going to give him some funny air (aka laughing gas) to help relax him before the procedure because they don't want him to eat or drink anything for the rest of today. He also can't drive.

If this is anything like their experience at the hospital with Daddy being highly medicated, then Mommy is sure to have more stories to come. But in all seriousness, this procedure is a bit scary because they are doing it at a surgery center and it does involve the spine. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers today. Thanks. Mommy too..she's got her hands FULL!


Carolyn said...

Ray and Kristy, Sending prayers your way for both of you. Ray I hope this will help your back. Kristy, you may need to put on an extra pot of coffee. Give the little ones a hug for me.
Carolyn in WV

Eva and her 'rents said...

You are never far from our thoughts.