Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Millage Dollars

Financial times are tough. There's no question...and now the county that we live in is looking to cut programs. This includes a program that directly assists individuals with developmental disabilities. So Mommy got mad. Then put that anger into action. She wrote our representatives that will make the decision about these particular funds. Here is her letter...


Dear County Representative,

It is my request to ask that you please safe guard the tax (millage dollars) collected through my property tax bill that is currently designated to assist individuals with developmental disabilities. I appreciate that the financial times are calling for some very tough decisions by yourself and that many of your decisions will most likely, not please everyone. But the reason why I request your consideration to assist individuals by protecting this particular tax designation is personal. I have a son, Dylan, who has a diagnosis of Down syndrome.

Due to our son's diagnosis, funds are tight for us as well. My husband is also a County employee and we are very fortunate to have great medical insurance coverage. But this coverage does have it's limits. We pay co-pays with every new prescription, speech therapy, occupational therapy, doctor's visit, medical procedure, mobility device, etc. We have out-of-pocket expenses related to Dylan's care, travel expenses to get him to his cardiologist appointments down at Children's Hospital in Seattle, and more. We truly recognize that funds are tight for everyone. But for families that have an individual with a developmental disability, the money crunch is crippling. Assistance is already very limited and to cut any developmental disabilities programs even further can be catastrophic for many families and individuals with a disability.

I truly appreciate your position. Making budget cuts is never easy and I also recognize that you have been outstanding in your support in the past for individuals with Developmental Disabilities. It is my hope that you can please help individuals with a developmental disability by protecting the Millage Dollars that come from my property tax.

Thank you for your consideration.


Kristy Gillig
Mother of Dylan Gillig

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