Monday, August 04, 2008

Talk about a SLIPPERY Situation

It's never a good day when Mommy has to call Poison control. Nope. Not a good day. It started out pretty good...we went to the Million Smiles park with our friend Daphne. This park is pretty cool. It looks like a giant castle and has walls so Mommy can sit back and drink coffee while us kiddos run around like crazy without getting lost. Then Jonah had a major melt-down. Right at the park. So bad, he scratched a little girl and then kicked Mommy while she tried to get the two of us to the car. A very nice bystander (or traumatized witness to THE event) eventually helped Mommy get to the car. It was a pretty big scene.

When we got home, Mommy put us down for our naps. She said we needed them and so did she. Or at least, that was the plan. Jonah was worn out from his temper-tantrum so he collapsed into bed. I, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with it. But Mommy's naptime rules mean that even if I don't sleep, I still have to have quiet time in my room for an hour. I kicked, screamed, and cried the entire hour. But then it got quiet. That is when Mommy peeked in.

Wanna know what she saw? Me. Wide awake and COVERED in vaseline. It was in my hair, on the walls, in my diaper (don't ask), and yes....the carpet. When Mommy realized I probably ate some, to the phone she ran (slipping all the way) and called poison control. Good news: I'm not gonna die from eating the vaseline. Bad news: I am going to have some fantastic diahrrea tommorow. So what is causing some slipping and sliding on my outside, is going to cause some serious slipping and sliding on my insides too. Oh joy.

By the way, after careful internet research, it turns out getting vaseline out of the carpet can be a little bit difficult. She's currently on her hands and knees scraping the carpet with a spoon....


Carolyn said...

Oh no Dylan, lets not do that anymore. Kristy, put on another pot of coffee. {{{{Kristy}}}}
Knuckles to the boys,
Carolyn in WV

Anonymous said...

oh Dylan...Your mommy definately has her hands full and I hope that you can give her a bit of a break okay?

Hugs to you and Jonah and Mommy!!

Grace said...

There's a product called "goo gone" available in this part of the country. I know it takes greasy messes off of clothing. You might wanna give it a try if it's not out yet. I'd be careful though, if you soak the carpet, it may weaken the pad and such underneath.

Eva and her 'rents said...

Oh jeez! I guess it really is true what my mom said about my brother and me giving her every single one of her grey hairs. And now it's our turn.

JAYNA BEAN said...

i have a carpet stain from Ryen upstairs from vaseline...never got it out...let me know if anything works!