Thursday, August 07, 2008

Movie: Tropic Thunder

Mommy was already in a foul mood...then she saw an article about the upcoming movie Tropic Thunder. To read more, click here.

Why, Oh comedians, actors, and the film industry find it okay to make fun of people with disabilities?!? Do they really think it's funny?

I don't. Neither does Mommy.

FOLLOW UP: It seems Mommy is not the only one really ticked. Read here.


JAYNA BEAN said...

This leaves a bad taste in my mouth. NOT GOOD.

Jaxon said...

I found one of the first reviews of this movie out Tropic Thunder Review. Sounds pretty good check it out.

Molly said...

Kristy i feel your pain. I can only imagine how frustrating this is !!! On celebrity baby blog, there was an article about autism:

How frustrating this must be for the mom of such a special child !!!

And on another occasion, Angelina and Brad were quoted laughing about rumours they used IVF to conceive their twins. Nothing laughable about iVF (thats our problem actually) People are so stupid because they dont know and they want to be funny at every price.

In teh first article, Jenny showed extreme maturity when she took the comments so calmly and didnt waste her time getting upset, instead, she is concentrating on educating people like this. I am trying to the same but so far its impossible (but shes an inspiration !!)