Monday, September 29, 2008

MacGyver Mommy

Mommy is learning how to be very, very creative. It started with an opera performance this weekend. Her oboe broke during a performance. It is a huge nightmare for any musician but Mommy kept her cool. You wouldn't believe it, but she actually fixed it too. She had lost a screw on her oboe and couldn't find it so she grabbed her bag and used string and a paperclip to fix it.

Then, my brother got sick. Seriously sick. He has a very high fever and kept me (and Mommy) up all night with his screaming. Again, she got creative. She wanted to make things quiet for me so I could still sleep so using a couple of pillows and a comforter, she sound-proofed her room and took Jonah in there. It worked. I got a few more hours of sleep (even though Mommy was up all night).

So there you have it. A creative Mommy. A little tired but she certainly gives MacGyver a run for his money.


Ang said...

Hands Up She's the best MOMMY!!!
WTG Girl!! I miss ya!

AZ Chapman said...

Hope y sleep well tonight . That idea is veary creative

Mary said...

Mommy is amazing!