Thursday, October 02, 2008

Family Report

Mommy got that flu that Jonah had over the last weekend. She's feeling much better this morning after some naps, a bowl of soup, and an almost full nights rest last night (Jonah wasn't too cooperative). Her plan is to get better by this weekend so she is fully functional by the this weekend.

Mommy did get some good news from my visit to Children's Hospital. Daddy says that I was able to take my very first successful hearing test and my hearing is within normal ranges. My surgery this past summer seems to have been a success. My ears are still clogged a little but I'll go back in 4 months for another check-up. But that was great news and Mommy is very happy for me.

Daddy also has some good news. He has been working graveyard shifts all summer long (which explains how Mommy has been pulling all the night duty with us kids). Next week, he FINALLY moves to a daytime shift. Mommy is very excited about this. We are getting Daddy back.

Jonah is recovered from his flu but is still struggling with some molars that are coming in. He has been sleeping with Mommy on the couch almost every night for 3 months but one finally popped through. Hopefully, these other molars come shortly after and Mom won't be so sleep deprived.

Our family also has BIG plans for this weekend. It's the Buddy Walk! We are very excited and hope that the weather cooperates. It's supposed to pour buckets. Grandma and Grandpa are coming up to hang out with us at the Buddy Walk and then on Sunday, he and Daddy are putting in new trim in the house. The Seahawk game will definitely be on and I smell some french toast in my future. Mommy has 2 more operas this weekend too so we get to love Grandma...lots. Hope she's ready for us.

So there you have it. A busy weekend full of fun and exciting plans.


Ang said...

sorry to hear of the flu going around your home..

great to hear on dylan's hearing!! yahoo you go buddy..Dragonboy has to go back on the 14th to get molds made for his first hearing aides

yahooo that daddy is gonna go to days..It's a plus for the whole family.

I can't make it up to your buddy walk this weekend buddy but you are in my heart, thoughts and prayers..

Tommy's mommy said...

So glad to hear about Dylan's ears. Kristy we hope you feel better soon. Take care Gilligs

Carolyn said...

Dylan, Glad to hear your update on your ears. You are doing great.

And glad to hear that Daddy is on day turn and can be with the family.

Kristy, Hope you and Jonah are feeling better.
Hugs to the Gillig famil,
Carolyn in WV

Samantha Seholm said...

Great news about Dylans ears:)Yeah!!!!

JAYNA BEAN said...

Ugh...the flu. Always a silver lining though, because daddy will be home for dinners!

Miss you guys!